CF Garden and Landscape Supply - 6 Plant Sites Beginner Hydroponic Growing System Kit
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6 Plant Sites Beginner Hydroponic Growing System Kit
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6 Plant Sites Beginner Hydroponic Growing System Kit


This 6 Plant Site Hydroponic System Grow Kit offers a complete hydroponic growing kit that is ideal for growing your own fruit and vegetable garden. You don?t need to spend a fortune on expensive fertilizers and separate grow chambers. Each plant site provides adequate space for individual plants to grow, while the water basin distributes water and nutrients evenly over the roots. 

Everyone can grow their fruits and vegetables. You can go organic, show your family how much healthier homegrown food & herbs are, save money & make things easy on yourself by getting this hydroponic growing kit. 


? A Complete System Kit to Become a Home Grower 

? Perfect for Growing Highly Nutritious Food the Way You Want 

? Perfect For Beginners And Schools 

Package Includes:

1 x lid; 

1 x water reservior; 

1x check valve;

1 x air pump; 

1x micro tubing; 

1 x air stone; 

6 x plant net cup; 

3 x seal ring; 

2 x elbow connector; 

1 x water lever tube; 

1 x grow stonewool; 

1 bag clay pebblers 

1 x Manual.

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