CF Garden and Landscape Supply - 8000W LED Hydroponic Full Spectrum Grow Light
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8000W LED Hydroponic Full Spectrum Grow Light
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8000W LED Hydroponic Full Spectrum Grow Light

This easy-to-use, lightweight grow light system is ideal for individuals who want to start growing plants indoors. The high-brightness LED lights have an adjustable height, allowing you to cover your plants from various angles. At a height of 2 feet, this growth light covers a maximum of 1.2x3 feet. It's best to suspend it between 8 and 30 inches from the plant's top (depending on its growth cycle). The full spectrum of improved growth light was created to isolate the ideal wavelength for all phases of growth (seedling, germination, vegetative, and flowering).



Power cord length:1.5 m
Material: Aluminum alloy
WattageWattage: 8000W=45W
Power: 45 W
LED number: 45 W: 144 LEDs
LED Chip:
45 W: 90 red + 36 blue + 6 UV + 6 IR + 6 White
(Note: The UV and IR LED Chip seems very dim than other LEDs, it is normal)
Light spectrum: 410nm 430 ~ 440nm 450 ~ 475nm 620 ~ 630nm 650 ~ 660nm ... 730nm ... 3500K and 6000K (the user can choose a more suitable wavelength and color ratio to promote the growth of the plants).
Luminous flux: 1000lm
Life span:> 50,000 hours
Material: ABS
Input voltage: 85-265V, 110V
Operating temperature range: From -20 to 40 ° C
Work environment: -20 ~ 60 degrees
Dimension: 45 W: 252 * 252 * 29.5mm
Working frequency: 50 ~ 60Hz
Plug Type: US Plug
LED lighting angle: 120 degrees


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