CF Garden and Landscape Supply - Heavy-duty EVA Recoil Garden Hose W/7-Pattern Spray
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Heavy-duty EVA Recoil Garden Hose W/7-Pattern Spray

Heavy-duty EVA Recoil Garden Hose W/7-Pattern Spray

This is an excellent garden hose to keep on hand. With a unique coiled design that reaches 25 or 50 feet when fully extended and coils back to its original compact form for easy and handy storage, it's excellent for everyday gardening, general cleaning, vehicle washing, and more. It is flexible, simple, and effortless to use and handle, unlike traditional rubber hoses, and does not kink or tangle. It also has a pressure-adjustable spray nozzle with seven distinct patterns to choose from, including Flat/Center/Jet/Shower/Cone/Full/Mist, for an incredible value.

? ½? in diameter and choose from 25-ft or 50-ft  (WHEN FULLY EXTENDED) long premium EVA coiled garden water hose with brass fittings reaches far and beyond while in use and retracts to its original compact form for easy and convenient storage after use, a 7-pattern spray nozzle is included
? Lightweight, yet strong and durable and UV-resistant EVA construction and coiled design for kink-free, tangle-free, hassle-free, effortless handling, ideal for outdoors, gardens, yards, lawns, greenhouses, flowerbeds, etc.
? 7-pattern (Jet, Shower, Flat, Center, Cone, Full, and Mist) pressure-adjustable spray nozzle, selectable for your specific application, such as general cleaning, gardening, car washing, and showering pets
? Anti-corrosion brass fitting attaches to any standard (GHS) garden water faucet

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