CF Garden and Landscape Supply - 30 Rooting Hormone Rockwool Hydroponic Grow Cubes
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30 Rooting Hormone Rockwool Hydroponic Grow Cubes
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30 Rooting Hormone Rockwool Hydroponic Grow Cubes

These Hydroponic Cubes are 100% organic rooting plugs with a unique Jute and water bio flakes formula that allows for greater root mass than any other plug! They're also never dry rooting plugs, so they can be kept out in the open and dry air without losing their effectiveness. This Cube comes in a 30 pack and is 2"x2". They'll work with most countertop hydroponic systems and domed cloning systems, making them ideal for clones of all kinds. If you are transporting your clones from a cloning machine to a growing system, our rooting plugs stay moist during transport so that they can be left open in the air for months at a time without drying out. Just add water to your rooting cube and it's like brand new again! If the cubes get wet before you are ready to use them, don't worry they will be fine once they are dry!

?  Rooting Plugs Stay Fresher Longer
?  The Perfect Growing Medium
?  2 Inch Plugs Perfect for Cloning Trays

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